Founded in 1984, Cytel provides managed IT, voice, broadband, security and hosting solutions at affordable prices. Our robust collage of tools, hardware, software and services serves as a one-stop shop for customers who want a world-class experience.

Cytel empowers businesses, government and communities with the efficiencies and advantages generally achieved only by a large, in-house IT team. Our experience, tenacious spirit and innovative problem-solving philosophy is an asset that grows our clients’ businesses.

While Cytel is proud to be headquartered in Houston, Texas, our nationwide footprint allows us to deliver real savings to organizations everywhere.

  • We’re experienced.
    At Cytel, we’ve spent years deploying, managing and troubleshooting communications solutions for business-class customers. We’ve seen it all, and we re-invest that wisdom everyday to make our clients’ networks better.
  • We’re watching the bottom line.
    We know that technology is just one item on a customer’s budget, and we do everything we can to save our clients money. Our volume, wits and industry savvy allow us to consistently negotiate the lowest wholesale rates with our suppliers, and we’re proud to pass those savings on to all our customers.
  • We’re customer-centric.
    Whether it’s a simple support question or a massive issue, our customers know they can count on us. We go out of the way to solve problems and get things back on track. This often occurs before our customers even know something is wrong.
  • We’re dedicated.
    We get excited to come to work each day, largely because we love developing innovative new solutions. Our maverick thinking and inventive spirit fuels our business and that of our clients, allowing us to constantly implement new ways to improve performance.




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