Managed IT Services

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Business owners can stick their heads in the sand, but the truth is that they can't continue to ignore the growing challenge of keeping up with an ever-evolving cyber security landscape. Reassuringly, CY-MAX provides the capabilities that enable Cytel Communications to offer businesses of all sizes a robust, and trusted security service. One that minimizes the possibility of a security breach helps avoid data loss and eases the business impact if a problem does occur.  Don’t worry; Windows, OSX and Linux systems are covered.

Not convinced you should invest in protecting your business systems that you rely on to keep the revenue coming in each month?  Ponder this;

“Why do you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to protect a depreciating asset that brings in no revenue?”
“I have to pay for Vehicle Insurance because my car gets me to the office each day”

“Why are you willing to pay all that money for car insurance but your not willing to pay just $6 a month for CY-MAX for Workstation or $25 a month for CY-MAX for Servers to protect your Revenue Engine?”
“I never thought about it that way”

“How long can you go with a workstation or Server down before it impacts your ability to keep your business open and paychecks rolling out?”
“Hopefully your thinking, I should be investing in protecting my Revenue Stream by utilizing a low monthly cost and robust solution like CY-MAX”

Do you have HIPAA concerns?

CY-MAX is compliant in HIPAA environments

Cytel uses a HIPAA compliant Hardening & Configuration guideline, which dictates how to properly setup and configure the CY-MAX product platform for usage within HIPAA compliancy environments.  A HIPAA confidentiality agreement is provided to you and signed by Cytel.  Should you require a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) we are very happy to sign with you, should you need it.

“HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. All entities which maintain and or transmit electronic healthcare data are required to comply.”

The HIPAA Security Rule applies to all health plans, health care clearinghouses, and to any health care provider who transmits health care data in electronic form, otherwise referred to as a Covered Entity (CE). Further, HIPAA requires that any person or organization that conducts business with the Covered Entity that involves the specific usage or disclosure or individually identifiable health, otherwise referred to as a Business Associate, must also comply and adhere to HIPAA security requirements. In order to be considered a Business Associate, the work of an organization must deal directly with the use and or disclosure of protected health information. Examples of such include: outsourced billing providers, collections providers, transcriptionists and EMR providers among many others.

MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) like Cytel play a critical role towards helping to ensure that their customers maintain a secure and HIPAA compliant environment. Most importantly, they must ensure that their internal processes and procedures are in accordance with the HIPAA security requirements.

You're getting Ripped OFF!

Did you know that the average retail price you pay per month for one of the “Top 10 AV Software Providers in 2015” is about $3.69 per instance and as high as $4.99 per instance?  That’s just for Antivirus!

Well move over “Top 10” because CY-MAX is moving in!  For just a small percentage more per month for CY-MAX Workstation you can get one of the “Top 10” powered Antivirus packages plus everything below and a living breathing IT guy who is actually looking at the health of your computer systems.


Web Protection

Simple, efficient, trusted

With around 10,000 new malicious websites being uncovered every day by Google (never mind the ones that already exist!),  Businesses might not know it but they need security around the web.  CY-MAX Web provides robust defense against web-borne threats and helps keep businesses safe, workforces protected and networks functioning at maximum capacity. It's built around a policy-driven approach, which allows Cytel to control, monitor and deploy client web policies, which will help Cytel’s customers to work smarter and safer. On top of this, like all our product features, it can be up and running in minutes.

Managed Antivirus

It's not rocket science, but it’s just as impressive

Let's be honest, an antivirus product can only be so exciting. But what it lacks in excitement, Cy-MAX Managed Antivirus provided by Vipre AntiVirus makes up for in power, efficiency and (virus) killer instinct. Powered by the industry's most trusted AV software, BitDefender and Vipre AV, CY-MAX Managed Antivirus offers one of the highest threat detection rates on the market, alongside an impressive ability to help defeat emerging threats in real time. It’s also easy to deploy, configure and manage across your devices.  Plus, Cytel can quickly and easily migrate your computers from other Antivirus vendors using the Competitive Agent Removal Tool (CART).


Patch Management

Quick, easy patching at the earliest possible point

It's simple really – businesses that haven't implemented robust methods for software updates leave the door wide open for security breaches. So implementing effective, powerful patching across your networks is a no-brainer. CY-MAX Patch Management delivers all the functionality Cytel needs to effectively install and manage patches across all your devices, across different operating systems and products.  The result is a secure network that's ready for business.


Additional Benefits of

  • Alerts & Reporting - Automated alerts of system failure or pending failure are sent to Cytel staff.
  • Performance Monitoring - The performance of hardware is monitored and tracked.
  • Remote Access - Cytel technicians will be able to access the machine without making a site visit.
  • Asset & Inventory Tracking – License compliance tracking, hardware and software information.
  • Automated Monitoring - Network & IP, SNMP and Website monitoring with instant alerting.